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Jet JTAS-10 XL-1FR 3hp Left tilt Cabinet Saw [more]
Jet 10" Contractor's saw with steel wings and 1.5hp motor [more] UPGRADED
Jet #1642 Lathe. 2hp [Pic]
Bosch 3915 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw [more]
Craftsman 4x36" belt and 6" disc sander with 1/3rd hp [more]
Reliant 9" disc by 6x48" belt
Triton 3.25hp router [more]



Triton 2-1/4HP Plunge Router  MOF001 KC [More]
Milwaukee 2 1/4hp EVS Body Grip router [more]

Upgraded to an 8" Sunhill Jointer. 22v, 2hp, 66" bed

Here's the writeup from the old Reliant.
Reliant 6" jointer with 1 hp motor [more]

Reliant 14" band saw with 6" riser and 1 hp motor (12" resaw capacity) [more]

Upgraded to a 15" Sunhill Planer. 3knives, 3hp.
Ryobi 16/32 drum sander

Delta 50-850 Dust Collector with 1.5 hp motor and 1200cfm [more]
Rikon 13", 1/2hp floor standing Drill Press
Benchtop Drill Press. $39 at a local Cummins Tool show.
3/4hp Shop Fox Hollow Chisel Mortiser [more]

Incra TS-III Tablesaw Fence, Woodpeckers Router Table Extension Wing and Incra Wonder Fence router fence[more]

Vega 50" Utility Fence [more] UPGRADED to Incra TS-III
Biesemeyer splitter [more]  Changed to a Delta Removable Splitter


Delta Removable Splitter [more]

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