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Hello All!

Welcome to my Wood Working page. My name is Bill Esposito but I go by the nickname bill-e on the internet.

The original welcome message was a bit outdated so I'm now updating it.  I am a beginning woodworker. While I've done plenty of work over the years working on houses (mine and my kids) and made a few book cases and speaker enclosures, I never attempted to make any fine furniture. As a matter of fact, my definition of square meant it wasn't round.  I've worked in manufacturing and production all my life ranging from pumps and valves to large scale electronic systems.

Well, back in December of 2001, I decided I wanted to get into this hobby. I began outfitting my shop (barn) with some good, and some not so good tools. I did pretty well and only cheaped out on a couple of items. You can see my equipment list by selecting it on the menu.  Since 2001 I've purchased quite a few tools and made some furniture and woodturnings.  I also enjoy writing about my experiences with the projects and tools so you'll see some of that on these pages.

I've also started a separate site, where I display my tool and product reviews.

That's about all I have to say for now except thanks to the fine users on WoodNet  and Saw Mill Creek for helping me spend all my money.



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