Shaker Style Sofa Table
with Walnut Top

This is just a place holder for some pics until I finish and an write it up.

Dryfit of the cherry dovetailed (Leigh) apron.

Same apron in glue-up

Scraping the walnut top with a Lee valley Scraper plane....sweet!

Legs, top, drawer front and bead trim. Legs will fit inside apron and be flush with outter edge.

Another view. Legs are tapered and notched.

And lastly for tonite, the drawer. I don't have anything for the bottom so I'm gluing up some resawn pieces I just cut from cherry.

Here's the dryfit of apron to legs. looks good

Here's the leg to apron connection, well half of it. I blocked between the leg tenons on the side. Once dry I'll add another on the front and back.

Glued, clamped and square

Here's the table with just a coat of watco...still have a way to go for finishing. Need to turn a walnut knob, attach the top to the base and gotta find all the glue spots I missed etc.

Ok, turning a couple different size knobs to try

My wife picked the larger of the two knobs

Obviously the tabletop, knob, beading around the apron and the drawer sides are walnut from ChrisJ via Erik. The rest is cherry from New Hampshire.

Ok, no next time I gotta plan better. Should have made the tails visible from the front. Apron DT's made with the Leigh and the drawer with the Woodhaven.

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