Clamp Comparison
Gross-Stabil and Jorgensen

by Bill Esposito, Rindge, NH


Here's a brief mechanical comparison between the Gross-Stabile 24" PC2 parallel bar clamps and the Jorgensen 24" Cabinet Master parallel bar clamps. I have not yet used the Cabinet Masters in a project so I can't compare the two in operation but I will update this when I do.

Below is a photo of the business ends of both clamps. The Cabinet Master has the edge with clamping surface being about a quarter inch taller than the PC2. Both operate like the standard bar clamps that we are used to with the exception that the bar on the Cabinet Master is smooth. Because of this I think that the Cabinet Master slides a bit easier especially during one handed operation.

Looking at the head assembly of each clamp you can see that the Cabinet Master is riveted while the PC2 is hex bolt and nut. This gives the edge to the pc2 for part repair and replacement.

Another feature of the PC2 is the removable clamp pad. While these pads are not soft rubber they are much softer than the hard plastic of the clamp body.

Another plus for the Cabinet Masters is the smooth bar which should make cleaning up glue much simpler than on the PC2's.

The Cabinet Master can be used in the expansion mode by reversing the screw assembly. My old version PC2's can not without a slight modification which involves grinding off a small divot at the far end of the clamp bar. I believe that the new PC2's also have this feature. At right you can see both clamps in the expansion mode. Notice that you can position the clamp pad on the outside of the jaw on the PC2 for expansion operations. Although I didn't take a picture of it, I removed the plastic jaw covers from the PC2's jaw to insure that it was designed for expansion operation. It was.

Both clamps feature a foot to stabilize the clamps when in use. The 24" Cabinet Master opens to 25" while the 24" PC2 opens to just under 26".

Here's a shot of both clamp handles. The Cabinet Master is a bit shorter and thicker than the PC2. I find both handles work equally as well for my hand size.
As it stands right now, given comparable pricing I would purchase the Gross-Stabil clamps. They are better constructed and the only advantage that I can see the Cabinet Master has is that it is a bit easier to slide one-handed.

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