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The Cereal Port BBS Weather Page

Some JWX-200 data outputs

Weather in Rindge, New Hampshire
24 Hour Weather Summary for Rindge

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NWS Weather for the State of New Hampshire

JWX-200 Files

_JWX-200 Weather Files, get the beta here

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Ok, here's the first pass at the GUI part of the program, I'm
calling it JWX-200, for lack of any creative name.

The plan is that this small screen would be what one would have
displayed on their desktop most of the time to provide the normal
current weather data. The pressing button in the upper right of
the program will cause this screen to dissapear and open a tabbed
interface where all the configuration, history, charts, and possibly
a more graphical representation of the data with gauges will be.

And here it is
..a screen shot of the Gauges screen
Ok, I changed the rag needle gauges with something that I wrote
and it hopefully works better, even if they dont look as good. I'll
add a colored dial face to indicate where the alarms are set later.

..a screen shot of Forecasts screen
I Added a tab for Forecasts...had to take a break from the Gauges :).
If you are connected to the web you'll be able to select your state,
and JWX-200 will grab any configured forecasts from IWIN.
NEW - I just added 3 user configurable forecast tabs. Each will
display a URL which you select on the SETUP tab.

..a screen shot of the Details screen
Eventually everything with a date and time associated with it will
have that displayed when you lay your cursor over it (like bubble help)

..a screen shot of Setup screen
You'll notice I've added 3 user defined URL's. I've configured one of
them to grab the forecast from a Canadian service..see the forecasts pic above.

..a screen shot of a Map screen
You'll notice I've added 3 Maps. More to come including user defined URL's.

..a screen shot of my desktop
with the small JWX window being displayed. It's 1024x768 so it
should give you an idea of how well it will fit on your desktop

I really would like feedback on features which would be wanted.
I'm thinking of a few like:
1. Automatic email's being sent when alarm thresholds are exceeded.
2. Querring some free weather source via the internet to pull in
other kinds of information like storm warnings etc, this too could
be sent out in an email
3. I need feedback on the duration that the history should be saved
and charted for.
4. Anything elses which is within my capability to code :)


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