CD Carousel
by Bill Esposito
The Cereal Port BBS
Magic name 'CDCAR'
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DISCLAIMER: This software is provided "AS IS" without any warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied. USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Copyright 1993, 1994, 1995 by Bill Esposito. This program is SHAREWARE. Please read the file SHAREWRE.TXT included in this archive.

CD Carousel and it's support programs are not to be modified or distributed in modified form without the express written permission of The author, Bill Esposito.

What this archive contains:

  CDCar.doc      This file.
  CDMenu.cmd     The CD Carousel Local menu program.
  CDCar.cmd      The CD Carousel Door REXX program.
  CDCar01.cfg    The CD Carousel configuration file.
  CDCar.mec      A door 'drop' file which contains privs and keys
  CDMaint.cmd    The CD Carousel File/msg maintenance REXX program.
  CDConvrt.cmd   The CD Carousel Files.bbs conversion REXX program.
* CDUpdate.cmd   The CD Carousel File Area Maintenance/Update REXX program.
* CDPurge.cmd    Purges the file request area of old files by age or user name. 
* CDOklst.cmd    Creates an "Okfile.lst" for your Online CD's 
  CDCar.ico      PM Icon for CD Carousel
  Seticon.cmd    REXX script to create a desktop Icon for CD Carousel.
  CDBull.txt     Sample bulletin file.
  CDhelp.txt     CD Carousel's help file.
  Sharewre.txt   Registration information.
  History.txt    Revision information.      New features/fixes for this release.
* Allfiles.cmd   File List Utility
  Rxmsgapi.dll   The SQUISH/REXX DLL written by Colin Adams.        The complete SQUISH/REXX archive written by Colin Adams.

* Registered version only

What is CD Carousel?

CD Carousel is a collection of REXX programs which when used together provide a fairly simple means for making multiple CD Roms available on single CDROM drive Maximus/2 BBS's. With this release, CD Carousel can now be used in a multiline environment as well as configured with privilege and lock control. CD Carousel can also as for "stand-alone" operation, for those who don't run a BBS. You can use CD Carousel as a front-end for all CD's that are "BBS" ready. CD Carousel fully supports the Pioneer CD Changers.

Basically CD Carousel provides the user with a listing of all your data CD's from which he can "request" offline files. The Sysop can then, once a day, once a week, or whatever, manually run the CDMenu program which will prompt for the required data CD's, and automatically copy the requested files to a predefined file area for download by the user. All user privileges and the numeric keys are fully supported. The CDMenu program will also generate a message in either squish or *.msg format acknowledging that the "request" has been successfully fulfilled. In the "stand-alone" mode, CD Carousel's operation differs only in that messages are not generated.

* Registered version only *

Once the user has downloaded his file, CDUpdate.cmd will clean up the file areas. If a file has more than one request against it, CD Carousel will keep track of them, finally deleting the file, and it's entry in the files.bbs, when all requests have been satisfied. CDUpdate.cmd also now features down- load counting and "Uploaded by" options.


CD Carousel is not designed for real time access to your CDROM. However, you can configure CD Carousel to treat your Online CD as an Offline CD. Everything will work the same except instead of generating a request, CD Carousel will copy the files to your request directory for immediate download. This provides for a very fast search and browse function.