The Cereal Port BBS
  • Tel: (603)899-3335
  • Telnet
  • 24 hours a day
  • 300-33.6kbps
  • Fidonet 1:132/152
  • No fees! Full access on 1st call!
  • Supporting all computer types.
  • Specializing in OS/2
  • Large CP/M selection

    The Cereal Port BBS provides a clean, friendly atmosphere. You'll find about 6 gigabytes of files available to the first time caller. There are no Fees, ratios, or any verification required to gain access. EVERYONE has the same access level, that is 60 min/call, 5mb/day.

    We have a large selection of newsgroups, Fido echomail conferences and OS2Net conferences. Why not give us a call!

    And now we offer FREE Internet access. Dial in users can finally get on the net with FREE E-mail, Telnet, FTP, IRC and Web Browsing with LYNX