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At times I upload a pic to this server and then reference to it from a message board post and not from a specific page here.  So if you're looking for something specific that you know I posted somewhere, look here as I have created Thumbnails of all my woodworking related pics, no specific order

I've gotten lots of questions
about the mobile bases I use
hope this helps describe them



Hollow Forms



Potpourri Bowls

Misc turnings

Clamp rack made from warped HD ply :)

Made from scraps, didn't have legs big enough to dado, so I nailed scraps to make dado

Dont like using router on left side of tablesaw

Woodpeckers wanted $69 for a rail to mount the fence to plus the clamps wouldnt fit

$13 Woodpecker T-Track did the trick

Added T-Track to sharpening bench

sharpening bench

sharpening bench

empty spot for new lathe

Vacuum pump for chuck

DIY intake filter

Drill Press table

Vega Fence Utility Attachments

For ripping down to about 1/2"

Push stick is replaceable

Cut repetitive length crosscuts
safely using the Fence
and miter gauge

Friction fit

Friction Fit. Use
mostly to burry a dado
for making rabbets

Face is replaceable

Stand for my DeWalt Planer

Made from left over
Luan and Birch

Not really happy with the fit and finsih

Plywood joint using Drawer Lock Bit
from WoodWorkers Warehouse

$32.99 Bit CT1390K

Dry fit pics of my
first furniture project

the top is made from cherry

skirt and legs are birch

Pics of my new Vega Fence and extensions
see the Equipment section
for more info

More Vega and extension tables

More Vega and extension tables

More Vega and extension tables

More Vega and extension tables

Because my shop still has a
bunch of junk in it,
I make small clamp racks and
place them around the shop

Here's another

Here's pics of the Vega Fince,
Biesemeyer splitter, and
Freud LU84R011 combo blade

Moved the switch from the
base to where it should have been
to begin with

keeps the lower bandsaw
wheel clean

ShopNotes Adjustable
Box Joint Jig

made from 5/8"
Baltic Birch Plywood

knobs from WoodWorkers Warehouse

Finished, View with Lee Valey
shoulder vise

View of HF vise end

Another View.

grabbed wrong can of stain
for the door :(

Dry-fit of my first
raised panel door
all TS cut

first raised panel dry fit pic

Reliant bandsaw w/riser

bandsaw on mobile base

Drawers installed

MLCS bits

Table fence

Table fence cinch-down handle

Table fence

Face installed and painted

Who wudda thunk it would come,
out the same height as my TS on it's
mobile base :)

tabletop with insert installed
2 sheets laminated 3/4 MDF then
laminated both sides w/formica

view from underneath

mobile base kickplate

carcass 3/4 MDF ~1/2ply back

from WoodSmith

6" Reliant jointer

Jet Contractors saw

Craftsman 4x36 and 6" disk sander